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Brighton hotel will discount rooms as the temperature rises!

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Umi hotels is a 3* hotel group with two properties in the UK (London and Brighton) and a partnership hotel in Moscow. Umi offers value accommodation inclusive of breakfast. with top level service and facilities above the norm for hotels in this class such as a concierge and on-site restaurant. Advance booking rates start at £49 per night.

Umi Hotel on Brighton seafront is encouraging impulse visits to the city by offering discounted rooms in line with the temperature of the day. Throughout the summer, a selection of rooms will be available each day with the temperature of the day used as the discount amount. Essentially, the warmer it gets, the less guests could pay!

The amount will be set once each day and the offer can be redeemed online or over the phone with the code DEGREE1. Perfect for short getaways or visiting friends in the city.

Link to umi Hotel Brighton

Link to offer page

Expires: 1st September 2013

Terms & Conditions: 1. Discount is only applicable for selected rooms each day. Check availability to see which ones.
2. The discount is set by the top temperature at the time the offer is activated and does not change for that day if the temperature fluctuates.
3. The discount is only applicable on the day of booking and is not transferable.
4. It is possible to use the discount code if you book a room over the phone.

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Brighton hotel will discount rooms as the temperature rises!, 3.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings


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